Join The Protest Over The Housing Crisis


Do you want:

  • More social houses to be built
  • Rent controls
  • Tenants’ Rights
  • A scheme for affordable housing based on control of land prices
  • An end to evictions when there is economic distress

This Saturday there is a major national demonstration to pressure the government to act.

Join the People Before Profit contingent on the National Homeless and Housing Coalition Demonstration

Saturday December 1st 2pm Garden of Remembrance, DUBLIN

Then come to the post march People Before Profit

‘Drink and Discussion’

With Richard Boyd Barrett TD

Grand Central, o Connell St

The housing crisis is causing massive damage to people lives. Thousands are stuck in housing poverty with 4,000 children facing another Christmas without a home. The government presents this as a natural disaster they are trying to solve. But this isn’t true.

Over the last seven years, Fine Gael governments have prioritised increasing property prices by reducing the supply of council housing and selling the private stock to Vulture Funds and Real Estate Investment Trusts.

This policy has worked incredibly well as the value of land and assets has risen by €300 billion since 2012 – the vast majority going to Fine Gael supporters at the top of society.

The state has enough zoned-land to build 140,000 units more or less immediately. This would make a major hole in the housing crisis, but it would also reduce the value of land and property for those making millions off other people’s suffering. Fine Gael and Fianna Fail are landlord’s parties that can never be trusted.

To end this housing crisis we need

A Mass Movement – There is massive anger in society that must be challenged into a Right2 Housing Movement. Like Right2Water, this must include left parties, trade unions and housing activists aiming to put tens of thousands on the streets.

Direct Action– Recent polls suggest 50% of the population support occupying vacant properties. 2019 should become a year of rage with people occupying the offices of Vulture Funds, Real Estate Investment Trusts and empty buildings.

Make Housing an Election Issue – Around 50% of Fine Gael and Fianna Fail are landlords. We need to make housing an election issue by putting working class representatives into the Dail and Local Councils.  This will stop the selloff of public land.

If you agree and want to join People Before Profit, text JOIN to 0872839964