Ires Reit Strike Again

Once again another opportunity to address the dire housing crisis that faces so many young people and families in Dublin Bay North has been lost.

Ires REIT has acquired 152 apartments on the Howth road including a newly granted development of 44 apartments which will be completed next year. The policies of commodifying our housing stock and selling it off to the highest bidder which started by the FG/Lab government and continued under FF and The Green Party has had massive societal impacts and it looks like that policy is one that will continue apace.

We have the Griffith avenue development of 374 apartments all for the rental market with the most affordable starting at €1900pm for a one bed plus extras bringing the average one bed at over €2000pm. Who can afford this?

We have a serious housing crisis and in areas like DBN where the population is growing more and more people will either have to rent for life or look at relocating to a different county where they might be able to afford a home. We in people before profit believe that our state has to intervene in this crisis and begin a state-led program of building homes for the people.

We did it before but more so now than ever a clear policy of development of affordable and social housing is needed. It appears that our government is intent on selling off the future of our children and resigning our people to a life of extortionate rents and enriching billionaire funds with even more money off the backs of Irish workers and communities.

People cannot set down roots and bring up their families or live in the communities they have grown up in. A vote for People Before Profit is exactly that a vote for community and the future of our children, it’s a vote for change and opportunity, a vote for People Before Profit is a vote to offer the next generation hope.

Have you had enough of the old politics? We have!