Illegal Adoption: Catholic Church Still Protected

Thousands of Irish babies were illegally adopted with the connivance of the Irish political establishment.  Groups within the Catholic Church such as the Sisters of Charity made huge money from it. But nobody has been made to pay for this criminal activity.

An RTE investigative programme will reveal that Professor Eamonn de Valera, the son of the leader of Fianna Fail, helped organize these adoptions. Scandalously, one of the children involved were not told the true situation until October 2019. Yet a story about de Valera had appeared in the Mail on Sunday four years previously.

De Valera was not alone. Respectable people in Ireland, that were close to the Church and Fianna Fail, were given the children of unmarried mothers.  US citizens were also able to take babies out of Ireland with the connivance of state authorities.

Worse, groups like the Sisters of Charity were able to charge unmarried mothers money for staying in their institutions while they birth. The charge was the equivalent of €3,200 in today’s money.

Instead of continual scandal and fake apologies, the Irish state should take over the assets of agencies such as the Sisters of Charity or the Bons Secours who ran the Tuan Baby Home.

Why should we allow the Bons Secours to move on to become one of Ireland’s largest private health providers for the same ‘respectable people’?

We need to end the secrecy once and for all. Open their records and expose exactly the networks that organised this activity.

Don’t let Fianna Fail who was in government for most of these years get away with blaming Irish society.

And let’s now move on to finally separate church and state.

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