Has Varadkar Gone Bonkers?

Leo Varadkar gave another plug for People Before Profit’s pamphlet, The Case for a Left Government, in the Dáil yesterday.

Reading from a prepared script, he claimed that the pamphlet suggested that the ‘Irish Independent, Irish Times, RTE, primary school teachers, the GAA and Dublin taxi drivers’ would move against a left-wing government.

Repeat ‘primary school teachers, the GAA and Dublin taxi drivers’!

Has Varadkar lost the plot? Or, maybe, he has not read the pamphlet because nowhere is such a silly claim made.

But, yes, the mainstream media are hostile to any left-wing effort to redistribute wealth.

Look at how the British media repeated the lie that Jeremy Corbyn was an ‘antisemite’ despite his long record of fighting racism. And by pure coincidence, the Irish Independent repeated the same lie to attack Bohemians soccer club.

Bonkers or just realistic? You can judge by actually reading the pamphlet which is available online here.