Harris Is Not Our Taoiseach – General Election Now

Protest Picket at the Dáil – Tuesday, April 9th 12 pm  

Simon Harris seems to have enough votes to become the Taoiseach of Ireland but he is not the people’s choice. He owes his position to a small number of Fine Gael activists. These have been in government for over ten years and have made a mess.

We have the worst housing crisis ever. We have the dearest childcare fees in Europe. We have some of the longest hospital waiting lists. And many people are suffering from the high cost of living.

Harris and his Fianna Fáil and Green Party allies must go. This country has been run for over 100 years by two parties who have almost identical policies.

It is time for real change and the first step is a General Election Now. Time is up for Harris and Fine Gael.