Harkin: Solidarity With Radio Foyle Strike Action

People Before Profit have praised journalists in Radio Foyle for voting for strike action.

An industrial action ballot of members delivered a strong mandate with 83 percent voting in favour of strike action, following the failure of BBC management to save valued programmes and guarantee the security of journalists’ jobs.

The 24-hour strike action will take place on Friday 19th May.

Foyleside People Before Profit Councillor Shaun Harkin commented;

“This is the correct action by the NUJ. The arrogant Adam Smyth (NI Director of the BBC) refused to listen to the people of Derry when they spoke with one voice, to save Radio Foyle.

He didn’t have the bottle to come and face the people in Derry and the North West who pay his wages. Instead, he tore Radio Foyle asunder from a safe distance.

All those who voted for strike action are sending a clear message to Smyth and his Tory bosses that they will not allow the destruction of our local station to continue.

People Before Profit urge people to come out and join the picket line at Radio Foyle on the Northland Road.

We commend the brilliant Save Radio Foyle campaign, and we commend the NUJ members at Radio Foyle for striking back.”