Green Call For “National Government” Is A Mistake


The Green party appear to have ruled out entering a FF-FG government for the moment. The Irish Times political correspondent, Pat Leahy, reports the Green Party leader Eamon Ryan took his own party for granted.

However, to smooth over divisions, the Green Party has instead called for a national government to deal with the coronavirus. 

This is a mistake because the two conservative parties are already talking about ‘unpopular measures’ to tackle the health crisis.

They will focus on defending business interests and will not take the necessary measures to deal with the crisis.

This include measures such as:

  • The requisition of all private medical facilities and their integration into the public system to gain more treatment facilities.
  • A massive stepping up of the testing procedures to identify more ‘unconfirmed’ cases.
  • The requisition of all private research centres that have a  capacity to do testing on a mass scale.

On top of that, these two parties will continue their strategy of selling of public land to private developers and will not impose proper rent controls which allow for rent reductions.

Far from joining FF and FG in government in any form, the Greens should take another step forward and rule it out totally. Otherwise, they could slip back and go in with FF and FG.