Government Opposition To Motion To Pay Students Nurses “Cold Hearted And A Detriment To The Integrity Of Public Health In This Country”

Government opposition to motion to pay students nurses “cold hearted and a detriment to the integrity of public health in this country”

Motion and government amendments to be voted on this evening in the Dáil

The Solidarity- People Before Profit Dáil grouping have slammed the government’s move to block their motion to pay student nurses and midwives. The government has put down a motion which effectively guts the grouping’s motion.

Both the Solidarity- People Before Profit motion and the government amendment will be voted on this evening.

Richard Boyd Barrett TD said: “For the government to put down an amendment to our motion to pay the student nurses and midwives who are working on the frontline during the pandemic at the Health Care Assistant salary as they did last spring, is cold hearted and a detriment to the integrity of public health in this country, especially in the light of Covid-19.

“Politicians of all persuasions in the Dáil clapped and saluted these frontline workers who have been battling this crisis and keeping us all safe, and yet when the rubber hits the road, they would deny these workers a very basic scheme of remuneration and respect. The student nurses stood up when they were called on to protect the people of this country and now the government slaps them down.”

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