Gerry Carroll Calls For ‘zombie’ Theresa May To Go

Speaking after Theresa May warned of a no-deal Brexit today, People Before Profit MLA Gerry Carroll called on the Trade Union movement to bring people to the streets to bring down the Tories:
“Theresa May is a zombie Prime Minister. Her government has been dead for months, but still she refuses to go. Now she is scaremongering in a last ditch effort to cling to power. Theresa May has no mandate for a no-deal Brexit.
“A vote of No Confidence in the government should immediately be brought to parliament and a general election called, opening the door to a progressive government based on socialist policies. In the event one is not called, we need a people’s revolt in the streets to bring the Tories down.
“It is clear that neither side in the Brexit debate cares for the interests of the people of Ireland, North or South. Theresa May is willing to play with people’s lives to keep her rotten Tory government together. But Leo Varadkar has to come clean as well. Will he stand by the people here, or do the EU’s bidding by implementing a hard border?
“We need to prepare for massive mobilisations early next year to beat the Tories back. In particular, we call on the Trade Union movement to use its sizeable strength in the North to bring people on to the streets to defend their interests in this crisis. A majority of people voted to remain in the North. A sizeable minority voted to leave. But no one here voted for this Tory Brexit, and we all must unite to resist it.
“What the Tory government does, the people can undo. They must be brought down.”