French Protests Show Dangers Of Relying On Carbon Taxes To Fight Climate Change Says Td

French protests show dangers of relying on carbon taxes to fight climate change says TD

The warning from the COP 24 and the renowned naturalist David Attenborough show we need more than carbon taxes to stop climate change

People Before Profit TD Bríd Smith has claimed that dire warnings about catastrophic climate change will not alter the Irish Government’s abysmal record.

She said: “The warning from the COP 24 and the renowned naturalist David Attenborough will fall on deaf ears.”

Deputy Smith said neither the science nor facts would affect the “lethargy, inaction and continued waffle from this government.”

The TD was also responding to events in France where protesters scored a huge victory over President Macron and forced the suspension of extra taxes on diesel fuel.

“If the only solution offered is extra taxes on ordinary people we will lose this fight, it is the fossil fuel industry itself and their profits that must be the target.”

Deputy Smith said the government’s continued opposition to her proposed bill that would ban fossil fuel exploration in Ireland’s waters showed they “do not get” the reality of climate change.

“For all the rhetoric, this government remains committed to supporting an industry that is damaging the marine environment, would release billions of extra CO2 into the atmosphere and would crowd out the renewable energies we desperately need to make the switch to meet the Paris targets”, said the TD.

COP 24 yesterday heard that climate change was a threat to human civilisation and threatened the extinction of much of the natural world.