Fianna Fáil Td’s Comments Spark Widespread Condemnation

“Reckless” and “Dangerous”, that is how the comments of Deputy John McGuinness have been described by People Before Profit Cllr Adrienne Wallace. It comes after Deputy McGuiness called for a “pause” on accommodating asylum seekers in a Kilkenny Hotel.

In a joint statement from People Before Profit and United Against Racism, Memet Uludag, the convenor of United Against Racism said

“FF TD John McGuinness should focus his attention on the government’s housing policies that created an unimaginable crisis starting long before the war in Ukraine and the arrival of asylum seekers and refugees to Ireland.

Instead Mr. McGuinness repeats some of the sound bites that create fear and anxiety in our communities. He presents a case as if we didn’t have any refugees and asylum seekers, we wouldn’t have any issues with our public services and housing. The response to these problems is to have an alternative to Fianna Fáil/Fine Gael/Green Party policies.

It is also important to notice that division and scapegoating a vulnerable section of our community is a dangerous path to take. We mustn’t give in to such attempts and stand in unity and solidarity with people in need. Build homes, not false arguments that are hiding the failures of this government and helping the agenda of the far-right.”

People Before Profit Cllr Adrienne Wallace added “It is not surprising that since Deputy McGuinness’ comments, the far-right are now attempting to organise a racist protest. Until now Kilkenny had seen no attempts at such a display. Deputy McGuinness is a Government TD, he cannot expect to straddle both sides of the fence without getting a splinter. As of January this year, 50 houses owned by Kilkenny Co Council were lying vacant, perhaps Deputy Mc Guinness’ time would be better spent tackling this issue instead of directing anger towards vulnerable groups.”