FF And FG Should Abstain On Thursday Vote


If FG and FF are not playing games- they should abstain on Thursday vote and allow formation of a Left government

In a statement, Richard Boyd Barrett TD has said that “if FG and FF are not simply playing political games they should abstain on Thursday’s Dáil vote for Taoiseach and allow parties of the left to attempt to form a government that gives effect to the voters demand for real change and and a government without FF or FG.”

Deputy Boyd Barrett said:

“Both FF and FG seem to be playing a political game of ‘call my bluff’ saying, it is up to the left to form a government.

“FG claim they respect the voice for change on February the 8th and are showing humility by seeking to go into opposition. Of course, this is a bluff and game playing, as they want to score political points against the left.

“Nonetheless, the view of People Before Profit is that we should call their bluff. If they are actually serious about this new found “humility” and they desire to be in opposition they should abstain on a vote for Taoiseach and allow left leaning parties establish a government that will immediately undertake new and far reaching measures to address the housing, health and climate crisis’ and deliver a better and fairer deal for working people, in terms of income and the cost of living.”

“Even a short-lived left government could introduce radical and effective measures to address the big crisis’ and problems facing Irish society.

They could:

  • Introduce a rent freeze and stop the sale of public land and commence a major and public and affordable house building programme.
  • Restore the pension age to 65.
  • Legislate for a NHS and lift the recruitment embargo in the health service to reopen beds.
  • Raise the minimum wage to a living wage.
  • Address the trolley and waiting list crisis’
  • Increase childcare subsidies to make childcare affordable and pay childcare workers properly.
  • Introduce cheaper or free public transport and expand the public transport fleet and embark on a major retrofit programme.
  • Give workers a real break on the USC to increase take home pay.
  • Pass the Climate Emergency Measures Bill and stop the Shannon LNG.
  • Close the tax loopholes benefiting vulture funds, banks and big corporations.
  • Tax big corporate polluters to fund public awareness and climate measures.
  • Abolish college fees and reduce school class sizes.

“These sorts of measures would generally impact on the worst problems now facing our society and would be hugely popular with the support of the public and people power on the streets and would defy FG and FF to vote against such measures.