Fascists At The Dáil – Face Them Down

People Before Profit condemns the efforts of the far right to deploy tactics of intimidation outside the Dáil yesterday.

They brought along a mock gallows, displaying on it the heads of Brid Smith TD and Paul Murphy TD along with Sinn Féin’s Eoin O Broin as well as establishment figures. This symbol revealed their real intention. They want to create a fascist dictatorship over the dead bodies of left-wing TDs and elements of the establishment they have constructed as hate figures.

There should be no attempt to gloss over the political motivations of the organisers. These are the same people who have staged protests at libraries, direct provision centres. and against trans people.

This modern form of fascism combines elements who have immersed themselves in conspiracy theories with fundamentalist Catholics and ideological Nazis.

For too long it has been assumed that Ireland would remain immune to far-right developments in the rest of the world. After yesterday’s mini re-enactment of a Trump style protest, we can no longer assume that.

Individual Gardaí faced thuggery in their attempts to protect elected representatives. But the overall Garda strategy must be questioned.

It is quite clear that they handle left-wing protests in a very different manner to right-wing events. They allow the far right to block airports, invade libraries and lock down the Dáil. But they have beaten up student protestors or those opposing the sale of gas at Rossport.

In an era when Ireland needs radical change the far right are deflecting attention from the government failure by attacking those on the left who are fighting for real change. Yesterdays events highlight the need to counter these far-right thugs and build a movement that fights for real change. 

The best way working class people can do that is by getting out on the Cost of Living and Housing Protest on October 7th.