Expel The Israeli Ambassador

Protest at the Dáil, 6pm Wednesday 15th November

Next Wednesday, the Dáil will vote on a resolution to expel the Israeli Ambassador. This follows a campaign led by People Before Profit TDs to get the issue debated.
The party has a limited number of slots to bring resolutions to the Dáil and said it was willing to use one the following week to bring the motion for expulsion.
But as the carnage in Gaza continues, People Before Profit wrote to Sinn Féin, Labour and the Social Democrats asking them to move an earlier resolution.
We are glad to say that the Social Democrats agreed and while we do not agree with some of the points in the motion, we want a vote on whether or not the Israeli Ambassador will be expelled.
The momentum to isolate Israel because of its war crimes is growing. Bolivia’s government severed diplomatic relations with Israel accusing it of carrying out “crimes against humanity” in Gaza. Chile and Colombia also recalled their ambassadors to Israel. A Spanish Minister, Ione Belarra, has also called for severing all diplomatic with Israel.
The Dáil motion is a significant step forward for the Palestinian movement because it will see a debate on Israel’s war crimes in a European parliament.
People Before Profit is appealing to everyone to get to the Dáil on Wednesday at 6pm to lobby for the expulsion resolution.