Dublin Supports The P&O Workers

Trade union members in Dublin protesting at Dublin P&O Terminal

Working people across Ireland and the UK are angry about the sickening sacking of 800 P&O Ferries workers by recorded video message on 17 March 2022.

After the message went out, reports came in of ‘handcuff-trained’ balaclava-clad ‘security staff’ being sent on board to deal with workers who resisted.

We have now learned that the snap firing was illegal but the owners saw that the potential profits outweighed the fines- so they broke the law. The workers are right to fight to get their jobs back and People Before Profit supports them north and south.


Gerry Carroll MLA and Cllr Fiona Ferguson went to the Larne Port to support the workers on the day the news went out.

In the south today Bríd Smith and Paul Murphy joined local trade union activists like Debenhams strikers Jane Crowe and Carmel Redmond and People Before Profit reps Bernard Mulvany and Brigid Purcell.

Together they blocked the exit from the P&O freight terminal and forced truckers to use alternatives for an hour chanting Dublin Supports P&O Workers.

Gardaí arrived after 20 minutes but did not get involved. Hundreds of cars, buses, vans, bikes passed with HGVs and lorries blasting support as they passed, fists raised in the air. The drivers coming off the P&O ships were happy to see the support.

Council workers, university workers, and EWOs were on strike this week across the north. Every picket had discussions of P&O. Even the speakers at the extraordinary Unite the union march at Stormont took time to note how horrible the treatment was.

We are all workers. Vulnerable alone, but strong when we are organised together to fight.

What P&O did puts the lie to the idea that we can all get along. We need workers who know how to fight and unions who will lead and want to fight and win. P&O and Debenhams puts the lie to the idea that government serves both sides to make labour law that works out fairly for both sides.

We know massive profitable corporations can easily pay to ‘fair’ fines. The result will be more workers tipped over the side like rubbish. That’s where ‘partnership’ has taken us: remember Debenhams, remember P&O. Who did government party policies work for? Abusive owners who suffered nothing.

People Before Profit supports the workers with no compromises. This week we came out with a plan for protest and our members argued within Ireland’s biggest union SIPTU to show real support. We won that argument: Now SIPTU’s Private Services Division is doing a solidarity demo Saturday at 12 noon. We support that decision. It’s what the workers in the global trade union movement have called for.

Please note that RMT and Nautilus have clearly called for a boycott. Dublin’s Terminal 3 is operating freight only.

Businesses in Ireland should support the boycott by moving to alternative transport shipping services.

Boycott to restore the jobs.

‘Don’t go with P&O’ as passengers or business. Stop using businesses which use P&O. Stop and find alternatives.

Get out and support the workers tomorrow with SIPTU.

Argue for fighting unions. Put in motions of support for the P&O boycott in your workplace union branch.

Finally, join your union and unite the fights for more pay and more power to workers through People Before Profit.

Dublin trade union members answering RMT and Nautilus workers’ call for protests and boycotts against P&O.
Debenhams strikers Jane Crowe and Carmel Redmond who helped block the port. ‘We’re fairly experienced at blocking trucks after 400+ days on our pickets!’