Do You Want A Fianna Fail-Sinn Fein Coalition?

17 out of 19 Fianna Fail TDs contacted by the Irish Times say they are open to coalition talks with Sinn Fein after next election.

And that includes Micheal Martin who said this ‘may evolve depending on policy’.

Fianna Fail, however, is a party for the Irish rich. It has a long history of corruption and double talk.

A real left-wing party would not touch them with a barge poll.

Sinn Fein should put a stop to this talk by stating openly they not join a government Fianna Fail.

They can either break the cycle of endless Fianna Fail-Fine Gael participation in government and go for a genuine left-wing government.

Or else they can play the old game of talking left and then joining FF after an election as Labour and the Greens did.

They should rule that out now.

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