Derry Postal Workers Right To Take Action

Derry Postal Workers
“Derry postal workers were right to refuse to work this week until Royal Mail bosses ensured their workplace was safe. Anyone in the same position should follow their example. 
It’s every workers legal right – whether they have a union or not – to refuse to work in an unsafe workplace. Workers should not be financially penalised or disciplined for doing so. We have called on the Council to include this in messaging as an additional means of promoting health and safety to contain the spread of covid. 
In recent months we’ve assisted many people about their rights at work. Ulster University Law Clinic and the Law Center have raised very serious concerns about widespread mistreatment of workers during the pandemic. For this reason, we encourage all workers to join a trade union to protect their rights. 
We’ll continue to campaign for adequate health and safety measures to be put in place and will continue to challenge the inadequate and unequal financial relief response to the pandemic by Westminster and Stormont.”

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No Surprise Invest Ni Shafted Derry

People Before Profit Cllr Shaun Harkin said,   “Is anyone surprised Invest NI shafted Derry and the North West? I doubt it.    Sinn Féin

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