Defend Irish Neutrality

The Irish government wants to end neutrality and send Irish troops to fight foreign wars alongside NATO.

To prepare the ground they are holding consultative forums. It will be chaired by Louise Richardson, a Dame of the British Empire, who will make recommendations to the government. She has publicly expressed support for US and NATO foreign policy. She is not an impartial chairperson.

The aim of the government is to end the Triple Lock. This stops more than 12 Irish soldiers being sent into war zones without the express permission of the cabinet, the Dáil, and the United Nations.

They are using the excuse of the Ukraine war to end neutrality. But a recent poll shows that 87% of people support a ceasefire to facilitate negotiations.

If we had a government that really supported neutrality, it would be promoting negotiations.

But Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and the Greens do not support any positive concept of neutrality.

Irish foreign policy should be guided by key principles – that we remain independent from the colonial ambitions of the world’s superpowers. That we support all those fighting for an end to oppression, such as the Palestinian people.

People Before Profit brought a bill to the Dáil for a referendum to strengthen neutrality in the constitution. But the government parties voted it down because they are afraid of a popular vote.

We urge you to support the People’s Forums on Ireland’s Neutrality which offer an alternative to the government-organised forums.

  • Dublin Monday June 19th Liberty Hall 7pm
  • Cork    Tuesday June 20th Imperial Hotel 8pm
  • Galway Thursday June 22nd 8pm
  • Limerick Saturday June 17th Conradh na Gaeilge 3pm

After the alternative forums, there will be protests outside the sham government forums. These take place each morning at 9am at UCC, Cork Thursday 22nd June; NUIG, Galway Friday 23rd June and Dublin Castle on both 26th and 27th June.