Dec 11th, 5.30pm: Save Markievicz Pool And Gym Campaign Demonstration


The Save Markievicz Pool and Gym campaign group will stage a demonstration outside the Markievicz Leisure Centre on Tuesday 11th of December at 5.30pm. It is expected to last for one and a half hours.

Annette Mooney of People Before Profit said: “This is Dublin city centre’s only 25m public pool. The Markievicz pool and gym are a hugely important resource for the mental and physical health of everybody who lives and works in the area. Only recently taxpayers paid over €1 million for the renovation of the leisure centre, but now the NTA and TII want to demolish it for their MetroLink plans. There are other vacant sites in the area that could be used instead and we say they must be used.

“And let’s not forget that, with the housing crisis ongoing, up to 150 people will lose their homes if this demolition goes ahead, as there are 70 apartments in the College Gate complex above the leisure centre.

“We urge everybody who lives and works in the area, those who use the pool and those who want to show solidarity with the residents whose homes are under threat, to come to the demonstration on Tuesday the 11th of December at 5.30pm and show that we will not accept this attack on our community.”

Joe Byrne, a local resident, said: “I live near the centre and I’m a pensioner. I use the pool regularly, as do many of my neighbours. The pool and the gym are not only good for staying healthy, but they’re also very important socially. It’s a great facility for the whole community and the idea of it being torn down is awful.”