Debenhams Workers Need YOUR Help!!

Denhenams Workers

Workers at Debenhams stores are mounting 24 hour pickets to prevent stock being removed from the shops. A number of attempts were made last week to get stock out of a number of shops but the workers successfully stopped this with large pickets blockading lorries and vans. In a number of cases drivers turned away when they heard what the despite was about.

There is no doubt that this week will be crucial as the liquidator and concession companies try to get their hands on the stock. The workers need your support to stop this happening. The failure of the liquidator to get the stock leaves the workers with important leverage in getting a just settlement of their dispute.

This despute has taken on huge consequences for all workers especially those who might face redundancy in the next few months. Whilst the workers are fighting for an improved redundancy settlement their despite has again raised important issues about who should be paid first in the event of a liquidation: secured creditors who are mainly banks or the workers who built the company up over many years.

The Dehenhams workers have shown other workers that you can fight back. They have fought back with great organisation and courage.

Join them on the picket. Please let us know your willingess to participate by filling in the form below.

Support for Debenhams Workers- Join the Picket

Health and Safety First:

  • If you have vulnerable family members or have personal concerns, please do not attend the picket.
  • Wear a face mask
  • Stay socially distanced –a minimum of 2 meters apart
  • Refrain from physical contact with others
  • Bring hand sanitisers and use them thoroughout the day
  • Follow all travel restriction rules where they apply
  • Always follow all health and safety rules
  • Do not gather in large groups but spread out
  • Leave room for pedestrians to pass safely

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