Debenhams Workers Have Been Treated Disgracefully

After 250 Days On Strike- Not One Cent Is Offered in Additional Redundancy Payments

In a statement today People Before Profit TD, Bríd Smith, said the offer made to Debenhams workers yesterday is completely inadequate and an insult to workers who have been on strike for 250 days.

She said:

“These proposals are an insult to workers who have fought for 250 days for a just solution to their dispute. It delivers not one cent in additional redundancy payments.

“In a most insulting fashion it proposes a fund of €3 million for retraining, career guidance and business start-ups. This bears no relationship to the reality of these workers lives. Many of them are near retirement and will not benefit from such a proposal.

“It is now apparent that the liquidator KPMG has spent over €4 million fighting the Debenhams workers. This money would have gone a long way to meeting their demand for their 2 plus 2.

“It is also clear that the main preferential creditors, revenue and social welfare, are refusing to mandate the liquidator to use monies raised form the stock to pay the workers what they are due. The government is standing in the way of a just solution.

“I support he demand of the workers that the €3 million be made available to them as additional redundancy payments.”

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