Debenhams Strike Film Wins At Premiere

The Debenhams Picket Line 406 Days

The new documentary ‘406 Days’ tells the story of the Debenhams Workers Strike. Its first public showing is on Saturday at the Dublin International Film Festival where it has just won the Irish Council for Civil Liberties Human Rights Film Award.

People Before Profit members stood strong with picketers across the country in the long strike. Supporters and observers revisiting the story will see the deep links between business and the state as well as the solidarity, struggle, and power of workers and communities – not just to get the workers their due – but to carry the fight on and win new rights for all workers.

Due to demand, the film premieres on three screens simultaneously on Saturday March 4th at 8pm at the Lighthouse Cinema in Dublin as part of the DIFF.

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Image from Stand with Debenhams Workers Facebook page
The documentary won the Human Rights Award at the Dublin International Film Festival
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