Dangerous Climate Saboteur, Warmonger, Racist, Sexist And Billionaire Property Speculator Trump Not Welcome To Come To Ireland

Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar presents US President Donald Trump with a bowl of shamrock as Melania Trump looks on during the annual presentation ceremony at the White House in Washington DC, USA.

Mass protests will take place if US President decides to come

People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett has said, in reaction to the news that Donald Trump could come to Ireland in a few weeks, said that the “dangerous climate saboteur, warmonger, racist, sexist and billionaire property speculator Trump is not welcome to come to Ireland” and promised protests to take place in the event of the American Presidents visit.

He condemned Leo Varadkar for planning to spend millions on facilitating a visit by President Trump when Trump represents everything that is wrong and dangerous in the world today.

He said: “On every imaginable issue Trump’s agenda represents a dangerous threat to the world we live in.

“He has actively sought support from and re-energized the far right and neo Nazis; he has claimed climate change is a hoax and is attempting to pull the US out of the Paris Accords; he has imprisoned migrant children in cages and attempted to scapegoat Mexican people and Muslims to suit his own political agenda and gain. As a billionaire property speculator he symbolises and promotes the gross inequality that exists in society today.

“He must not be welcomed by Leo Varadkar or the Irish state. It is completely unacceptable that millions would be spent on this visit when that money could be spent on housing, healthcare and the many issues facing Irish society.

“His presence in Ireland will be met by mass protest by the people of this country who do not want anything to do with his disgusting views and policies which are causing substantial harm in the world.”