Council Unanimously Backs BT And Royal Mail Workers Pay Demands

People Before Profit Cllr Shaun Harkin said, 

“Derry & Strabane Council has sent an important message by unanimously backing my motion condemning elitist attempts to scapegoat workers for the inflation crisis and extending its full support for Royal Mail and BT Group workers’ demands for cost of living pay rises.

“Government, both Westminster and Stormont, has failed to effectively respond to the cost of living crisis with emergency price caps, profit caps and a range of other measures that could have eased the impact on people across our communities. 

“Instead, Westminster and Stormont compounded the hardship crisis by imposing real terms wage cuts on public sector workers and by failing to increase benefits in line with inflation. 

“Workers have been given no choice but to ballot for strike action for real pay rises reflecting rising costs. This includes BT Group workers and Royal Mail workers. 

“There’s no doubt the Tories and mouthpieces for corporate elites are attempting to portray workers fighting for pay rises as greedy, irresponsible and intent on creating summer chaos. None of this is true. 

“Multiple reports, including an investigation by UNITE, have demonstrated how corporate profiteering is at the centre of driving rising costs. 

“Major corporations are making record profits and rewarding their bosses with massive pay rises, including at BT Group and Royal Mail. However, workers are being told there’s nothing but real terms pay cuts on offer. This is height of hypocrisy and no one should stand for it. 

“People Before Profit encourage everyone to get behind BT Group, Royal Mail and all workers taking action for cost of living pay increases. Solidarity is vital for a united cost of living movement that stands up for everyone across our communities.”

People Before Profit Cllr Shaun Harkin’s motion passed at June Derry & Strabane full Council Meeting:

Council opposes claims by Tory Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Bank of England chief Andrew Bailey that workers pay is responsible for rising costs.

Council condemns the decision by Royal Mail bosses and BT Group bosses to impose real terms pay cuts on its workforce while inflation is running at above 11%.

Council notes the £400M payout to shareholders by Royal Mail in 2021 and BT Group’s annual profit of £1.3B.

Council supports the rejection of  below inflation wage proposals contributing to a hardship emergency crisis by Royal Mail, BT, EE and Openreach workers and their union, the Communication Workers Union.

Council urges all residents across our District to back the demands of Royal Mail, BT, EE and Openreach workers for cost of living crisis pay rises and pledges its full support to all action, including industrial, workers and their union are forced to take.

Council will write to Royal Mail and BT Group bosses to convey our anger at their treatment of its workforce, who include our District residents, and to express our support for workers’ demands. Council will invite CWU representatives for a presentation to members.