Carroll: “We Should Ban Conversion Therapy, And We Must Go Further”

Speaking ahead of a Stormont debate on Conversion Therapy, People Before Profit MLA  Gerry Carroll has slammed the DUP for an amendment which ‘reeks of homophobia’, and urged we have further to go to ‘tackle homophobic attitudes in society’. He said:

“Conversion therapy is a damaging and discriminatory practice and it should be banned to protect young and vulnerable LGBTQ+ people. Anything which teaches a person that they are evil or sinful or wrong because of their sexual orientation is clearly rooted in homophobia and should be widely condemned.

“And we must go further than banning these homophobic practices – we must challenge and weed out homophobia in all its forms. There should be no place for discrimination in any section of society, and that includes churches and the corridors of power.

“Arlene Foster claimed last week that she gets “very distressed” by accusations of homophobia, yet her party wants to amend a motion to remove any mention of ‘curing LGBTQ+ people’ as being wrong. To be crystal clear: conversion therapy is wrong and this DUP amendment reeks of homophobia. The DUP cannot have it both ways: either you stand up to homophobia or leave yourself open to accusations of not being interested in challenging homophobia.

“For too long, those at the very top of society have gotten away with regressive politics that punishes LGBTQ+ people and normalises homophobia. It’s time to relegate dinosaur politics to the dustbin of history, and to empower those who have suffered at the hands of hate for far too long.”


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