Carroll: Take To The Streets To Oppose Tory Budget

People Before Profit MLA Gerry Carroll has said communities must prepare to resist public spending cuts announced in the autumn budget.  

He was speaking after the Chancellor announced £30bn in public spending cuts and additional taxes on ordinary people.  

“The Tories are preparing to further decimate public services and raise taxes on ordinary people at an already difficult time,” he said. 

“This will be a hammer blow for communities in the midst of a crippling cost-of-living crisis. 

“Working-class people should not be forced to pay for the mistakes of the Tory party. The previous budget promised huge handouts to the rich and ordinary people are now expected to pick up the bill. 

“The Chancellor has refused to tackle the wealth of those who are profiting from this crisis.” 

He continued: “The rich should be forced to pay their way to ensure public services don’t go to the wall, but the Tories won’t act without a fight.  

“Campaigners in Belfast are set to march next week to demand action on the cost-of-living crisis. Our communities need to take to the streets to oppose this Tory farce.”