Carroll: Pps Must Drop Protest Fines

Speaking as the PSNI Chief Constable announced that charges will not be sought for those who attending Bobby Storey’s funeral, PBP MLA Gerry Carroll said:

“People Before Profit have consistently opposed police powers to fine and prosecute people for gathering throughout the pandemic because this virus should be approached with proper public health response, not a tougher police state. We had no truck, therefore, with those who called for prosecutions against Michelle O’Neill, or indeed others attending funerals.

“But we also remember how Michelle O’Neill displayed an outrageous level of hypocrisy when she described police actions against Black Lives Matter protesters as “proportionate”. These actions included fines, threats and interviews under serious crime legislation.

“The PSNI have proven themselves disgracefully selective in who they target, because disproportionately attacking the marginalised helps protect the politicians in power who are responsible for a disaster health response, which is the most serious issue here.

“They won’t dare touch those in power who may breach rules or refuse to wear masks – but if you are from the BAME community protesting racism, or indeed a woman standing against gender violence, you are fair game.

“Over 9 months on and Black Lives Matter protesters are still fined, cautioned, and under threat of prosecution, despite clear ad recognised discrimination. One law for Black Lives Matter protesters and another for everyone else? That is institutional racism by definition.

“Drop the fines and threats against Black Lives Matter protesters.”


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