Carlow Council Passes People Before Profit Motion Calling For The Rollout Of The Ask For Angela Campaign In Carlow

Councillor John Cahill, the new People Before Profit representative on Carlow County Council, has called for the rollout of the Ask for Angela initiative in Carlow.

In a statement Councillor Cahill said,

‘I am delighted to get such an important motion passed at my first council meeting and I appreciate the support from my fellow Councillors. With just two elected female Councillors in Carlow, I believe it is incumbent on all members of the council to engage in issues of gender and take a zero-tolerance approach against gender-based violence.’

‘Ask for Angela’ is a safety initiative that can be rolled out to bars, clubs, and restaurants. If someone

were to feel unsafe on a night out, they can discreetly seek help by approaching staff at the

participating location. Using the catchphrase will indicate to staff that they require assistance at that time, this may take the form of calling for a taxi, reuniting the person with friends or alerting security.

‘Implementing the Ask for Angela campaign will be an excellent way to raise awareness and offer support to people who may find themselves in vulnerable situations when on a night out in Carlow.

This has been successfully rolled out in Waterford, Drogheda, Donegal and Cork, and Carlow has the

opportunity to join the Councils leading the way.’