Candlelight Vigil For Josip Strok

People Before Profit express our condolences go to the friends and family Josip Strok.

This is where the dehumanisation of migrants has brought us.

Josip Strok was murdered for not speaking in English after he and his friend were followed home by racist cowards. A disgusting act of barbarism that does not represent the multicultural community in Clondalkin.

Political opportunists and far-right grifters have been whipping up fear and hatred for their own benefit and this is the result. Across the country, migrants and people of colour have increasingly become the victims of assaults, verbal abuse and arson attacks.

Migrants are used as scapegoats and get the blame for the failures of those in power. Language like “military-aged men” and “invasion” are used to dehumanise and justify violence.

Our country would not function without migrants. We could not keep our health system running, build new homes, or run public transport. We are one and the same, the only people who don’t belong are those whipping up hatred and division.

People Before Profit will be supporting the vigil called for Josip Strok this Friday, 12 April, 6.30 pm on the Main Green, Grange View Road, Clondalikin.