Can You Help Build For The Demonstration On The Cost Of Living?

Ireland has the dearest electricity in Europe – even though we had the cheapest when the ESB operated as on not-for-profit mandate.

We have a terrible housing crisis because many cannot afford the rents or get a roof over their head.

Tens of thousands of people on mortgages will see their payments soar. On average they will pay an extra €5,000 a year. Yet AIB is still a majority-owned state bank. Why don’t they cap mortgage interest at 3% and take a hit on profits?

The Cost of Living crisis is getting worse and this government is doing little to help. We need to get out on the streets to protest.

On October 7th, the Cost of Living Coalition is holding a major demonstration in Dublin, staring at 1pm Parnell Square.

We need to start building for this now,  here’s what you can do:

  • Order leaflets from the People Before Profit office. Just say how many you need and we will post them out.
  • If you are living in Dublin, we want to leaflet the main DART stations in the morning over the next two week. Please look at this form and let us know what sessions you can help with.
  • Spread the word, share the event using the social media links below.