Calls For Direct Government Intervention In Bord Na Móna Layoffs Dispute


Calls for direct Government intervention in Bord na Móna layoffs dispute

Just Transition is meaningless unless Government act now says Bríd Smith TD

People Before Profit TD Bríd Smith has said the treatment of Bord na Móna workers by the semi state company is appalling and places a question mark over the official government policy of a Just Transition to a zero carbon economy.

The TD said the layoffs of permanent and temporary staff, the tearing up of previous agreements and the refusal to deal justly with workers affected was “in stark contrast to the lofty Government declarations of the need for a just transition”.

The TD called on Minister Bruton to intervene directly and stop the company’s appalling treatment of its workforce. This means the Government needs to step in now, insure these workers are not laid off and that Bord na Móna immediately look to create new jobs in the renewable sector with commensurate levels of pay and security of employment.

She pointed out that the Climate Action committee report specifically recommended that the Government would guarantee the current pay pension and conditions of workers affected in Bord na Móna or the ESB.

She said: “We need to rapidly reduce our CO2 emissions, but if all that we can offer ordinary workers are increased carbon taxes and the loss of decent unionised jobs we will not win them to the fight against climate change. If Minister Bruton is serious about a Just Transition then he needs to call in the management of Bord Na Móna and tell them this isn’t on.

“A key demand of the Global Strike for Climate on September 20 is for a Just Transition away from fossil fuels for all workers and their communities and Bord na Móna employees are central to that challenge here in this country. I appeal to them to participate and put their issues at the centre of this debate and this movement.”