Boycott Amazon On Black Friday

Jeff Bezos

Support the global boycott of Amazon and don’t order your Christmas presents from them. This is the powerful message that is being spread by activist for workers’ rights.

Amazon is a union busting corporation that is determined to prevent workers (or ‘associates’ as they call them) from organising for better conditions.

They have sent out a 45 minute video to their managers  “specifically designed to give you the tools that you need for success when it comes to labour organizing”.

When Rashad Long, who worked the overnight shift at Amazon’s new warehouse in New York City, tried to organise a union, he was sacked.

Amazon is also recruiting employee relations managers whose duties include having “significant experience in handling union organizing activities” and “responding to union activity.”

Its CEO, Jeff Bezos became the first person to reach $200 billion in wealth during the pandemic – mainly through the exploitation of the 1 million workers it employs. 20,000 of its workforce, many of whom are Black, Latino or immigrant, have contracted Covid-19 due to lack of proper safety measures.

Support the Fight-Back against this corporate giant – BOYCOTT AMAZON

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