Boris Must Go

Boris Johnson must go. At the height of the pandemic, while people dutifully followed health advice and vulnerable people died alone in care homes, Boris Johnson and his Tory friends were partying it up in the sun. As ever, it is one law for the rich and another for the rest of us.

We can’t stop with Boris; the entire Tory Party must go. They are a repulsive party who are responsible for criminal negligence in government. They are politically corrupt, morally bankrupt, and they act against the interests of ordinary people.

From the very onset of this pandemic the Tories have thrown ordinary people under the bus, while handing out multi-million pound contracts to their CEO chums. From ‘herd immunity’ to ‘eat out to help out’ and risky re-openings, their message was clear: business as usual, no matter the cost to vulnerable people.

Even before the pandemic, years of Tory austerity created a seismic crisis in our health service and soaring inequality. In working class estates, people turn to food banks in their thousands while rich billionaires increase their wealth.
As inflation grows and energy costs skyrocket, frontline workers who carried us through the pandemic are being denied pay rises by the Tories and their fellow travellers in the Stormont Executive—our health heroes, civil servants, council workers, and many others,deserve better.

Catastrophic climate change threatens our future, yet Boris Johnson has not lifted a finger to protect our planet and remains wedded to the fossil fuels industry.

People Before Profit say Johnson must go, his entire Party must go, and we must urgently break from Torysim in all its forms. To do that, we must redouble our efforts and fight for a society where people and the planet come before profit.