Bloody Sunday 50Th Anniversary: Tuesday 18 January 7Pm Derry People Before Profit Host Online International Solidarity Rally

Derry People Before Profit host online international rally to mark Bloody Sunday 50th anniversary with Kate Nash, Eamonn McCann, Tariq Ali, Sheila Coleman, Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor and PBP TD Richard Boyd-Barrett.

7pm Tuesday 18 January

*Meeting details below.

People Before Profit Cllr and meeting chair Shaun Harkin said,

“The significance of the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday can’t be understated.

The British Army gunned down innocent people at a civil rights march in broad daylight in Derry on January 30 1972. The parachute regiment was on a killing spree from Ballymurphy, to Derry and to the Shankill Road.

Boris Johnson’s attempt to block efforts to hold those responsible for Bloody Sunday and other injustices committed by the British state once again shows the complete disregard from the political establishment for the truth or for seeing anyone, especially those with high political and military rank, ever held to account. The statement ‘one rule for elites and another for the rest’ has never been so apt.

The recent further revelations of collusion between security forces and loyalist death squads underpins again the rotten role of the British state here.

Families and supporters bravely campaigned for decades to successfully overturn the lies of the official narrative of what happened on Bloody Sunday.

The 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday is an opportunity to commemorate and reflect on those who had their lives taken away, on those who lost loved ones and on the impact it had on politics and people’s lives here.

It is also a continuing struggle for justice and for accountability. Those with ultimate responsibility for Bloody Sunday, such as General Michael Jackson, went on to create further carnage here and internationally for decades.

We need to keep a bright spotlight on the British state’s role as a continuing sower of injustice across the world. Powerful governments never use military might to advance democracy or human rights. They use their power to do the opposite as we see here, in Afghanistan, in Iraq, Palestine or Yemen.

We are encouraging support for all the events marking the 50th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday and for the march and rally on January 30.”

Meeting details:

Tuesday 18 January 7pm – public zoom meeting ⬇️

Bloody Sunday 50 Years On: The Long March for Justice — International Solidarity Rally

On January 30th, 1972, 13 innocent people in Derry were callously murdered by members of the British army’s Parachute Regiment. Half a century on, the British establishment continues to obstruct moves to hold it to account for these criminal actions. The long march for justice continues.

2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the terrible event known as Bloody Sunday. But is also a milestone in the long march for truth and justice that continues to this day. Join us for an international online solidarity rally, as we remember this tragic occasion, and recommit ourselves to ending state repression both here in Ireland and internationally.

Speakers include:

Eamonn McCann: journalist and recipient of the Amnesty International Media Award for his campaigning around Bloody Sunday.

Tariq Ali: renowned writer, anti-war activist and author of The Forty-Year War in Afghanistan.

Kate Nash: campaigner and the sister of William Nash, who was killed on Bloody Sunday.

Shelia Coleman: a spokesperson for the Hillsborough Justice Campaign and former chair of the Liverpool Irish Centre Cooperative.

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor: writer, activist and author of From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation.

Richard Boyd Barrett: People Before Profit TD for Dún Laoghaire.

Chaired by Shaun Harkin: People Before Profit Councillor in Derry.

Tuesday 18th January. 7pm

Zoom ID: 863 9560 9567

Zoom Link:

Hosted by People Before Profit