Black Lives Matter Protesters ‘Vindicated’ – Carroll

Responding to the decision by the PPS not to prosecute any Black Lives Matter protesters, People Before Profit MLA Gerry Carroll said:

“This is further vindication of Black Lives Matter protesters in Belfast and Derry. The PPS are clear that these protests were organised “in a manner that sought to minimise any risk of transmission of the virus” and for reasons which were “of important social concern”. On the basis of their human right to protest and their efforts to guarantee safety, they have been vindicated.

“These protesters were wrongly targeted by the PSNI; they were almost immediately undermined by politicians who justified the PSNI’s approach; and they have faced the anxiety of waiting to hear if they will be dragged before the courts. Start to finish, this ordeal has been a shambles of discrimination and harrassment and I hope that redress of some sort can be expected. 

“Indeed, I hope that the fines issued on the day will now be rescinded, and those in Stormont who rushed through the emergency legislation which targeted Black Lives Matter protesters will finally have the humility to apologise. Well done to those who stood in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement in the states. They were right to do so, as has been upheld today.”


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