April 8th @ 8pm: The Case for Universal Health Care: Live Meeting + Q&A


The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the inadequacies of our public services, which are desperately underfunded and struggling in need of huge state assistance in this time. The World Health Organisation emphasizes that truly ‘Universal’ healthcare needs to be available to all and cover costs including medication, dentistry, hearing and vision, psychotherapy, physiotherapy and so on. This is far from reality in the Irish system. People Before Profit wants to empower frontline staff and service users to develop Universal Health Care through a well-planned National Health Service.

We won’t go back to a two tier system in the south, where the greed of private institutions is prioritised over people’s needs. The NHS in the north has been decimated by Tory austerity, and Stormont parties have been complicit in the outsourcing and privatisation of services.

We need to take the Apple tax and write down the debt. We need to wave goodbye to the tax haven Ireland that leaves thousands of homeless people strewn on our streets and thousands of patients to languish on trolleys in our hospitals.

We need to build a new society that looks after the interests of the workers who are the backbone of this country.

We are never going back.

Join our public live meeting this Wednesday to discuss the case for universal healthcare, and how People Before Profit have and will continue to fight for a decent public health service that works for people, not profit.

Gerry Carroll MLA
Gino Kenny TD
Jo Tully (Frontline Nurse)