A Union Of Their Choice: A Worker’s Right

Worker in face covering holding a picket sign at ESB Networks Strike with Independent Workers Union

On Friday 500 workers with the Independent Workers’ Union in ESB Networks picketed their workplaces. This Thursday and Friday (29-30 April 2021) they’ll go out again. They want to be fairly consulted on the decisions the company is taking. They know hours and jobs will be lost if ESB Networks decide to continue with plans privatise bits of the work which workers there do.

Exclusive recognition / partnership deals cement ‘industrial peace’ in place even when the price is the elimination of good jobs. No wonder workers are critical.

Bosses can decide which accountancy, HR, and law firms represent them. Workers can’t refuse. It’s not fair that workers don’t have the same choice. Bosses should recognise and consult with their workers’ union of choice. Workers are right to fight.

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