A Housing Crisis – Not A Refugee Crisis

The far right are spreading a message of hate. And they are telling LIES to stir it up.

Fact 1. Vetting: Every asylum seeker goes through a detailed vetting process as part of their application. By contrast, Irish people are not ‘vetted’ when they travel abroad.

Fact 2. Safety: Most sexual and domestic violence against women comes from those they already know.

Fact 3. Consultation: We need consultation on local services – not a veto on who is living near us or opening a shop beside us.

The far-right wants to divide us by skin colour or nationality. But we have had a housing crisis and a hospital crisis long before refugees.

The reason is that this government refuses to build social housing or introduce rent controls. 80 of our TDs are either landlords or large landowners.

We need to get Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael out of government – not target vulnerable refugees who have fled war or hunger.

You can know the far right from their record:

  • Herman Kelly, from the Irish Freedom party, worked as a press officer for Nigel Farage, a former British Tory stockbroker who left to campaign for Brexit.
  • Justin Barrett was a founder of Youth Defence who picketed contraceptive clinics.

So, let’s fight the real enemy. Let’s protest at the Dáil. Let’s get rid of Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael control.

Let’s get a government that looks after ALL working people.