A Billionaire’s Budget

The Tory budget is the first attempt for Liz Truss to set out her stall as the new Thatcher. From tax cuts for the rich to benefits cuts for those in need, this budget is the epitome of anti-working class bias.

It’s a budget for the billionaires & an act of class warfare on the rest of us.

We cannot be fooled by arguments that new wealth for the rich will trickle down – it wasn’t true when Thatcher and Reagan said it and it’s certainly not what Liz Truss wants today. In a cost-of-living crisis, Truss has used her might to deliver relief for those at the top of society, so her utter disregard for need could not be plainer.

And we know this is only the beginning – Truss intends to go after workers and their trade unions, the environment, and more, next.

The need for workers and communities to get organised is urgent. Today should mark a shift to action for those of us who want to see Tories gone for good. The North has a chance to send a message next Saturday at the Cost of Living rallies in Belfast and Derry. We’ll be there and hope thousands will join us.

Let this mark the beginning of a period of discontent, where we raise our voices against Tory cruelty and fight for the kind of society that leaves the politics of Truss and her cronies in the past.