5 Questions For Conor At Debenhams, Henry St, Dublin

  1. Why were outside the High Court this morning?

We were at the Four Courts to protest against how disgraceful Debenhams and KPMG have been to the Debenhams workers.


  1. What’s your name and how did you get involved?

My name is Conor. I’m a former Debenhams worker from Blanchardstown.


  1. How have you been helping out?

I’ve been doing about 7 shifts a week. I also run the official Twitter @DebenhamsStaff


  1. What have you learned from your time supporting the pickets?

We must stand together and unite.


  1. What are some important things people can do to get involved and help the Debenhams Workers win?

Drop down to your local picket and show your support. We are always looking for volunteers! Maybe you can only stay for an hour but we appreciate anyone’s support. 

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