Gerry Carroll Slams School Uniform Cut


Gerry Carroll MLA has slammed the introduction of a £3million cut to school uniforms as an attack on the working class.

Mr Carroll said, ‘This cut is another in a long list on attacks on the working class. Serious questions need to be asked about decisions made by unelected civil servants in the Department for Education. No one voted for these cuts. No one wants to see vulnerable children or their parents facing further poverty.’

‘And serious questions need to be asked of the DUP, who’s shoddy deal with Theresa May has legitimised the Tory austerity agenda. Is Arlene Foster happy that these cuts are being made on the back of Tory austerity?’

‘Already this year, we have had the introduction of the two child tax policy by the Tories, which limits the assistance given to parents in need. This most recent cut is salt on open wounds for working class families who struggle day to day to make ends meet.’

‘I will be meeting with local parents and the Education Authority, calling on them to challenge this disgraceful move What we need now is action on the streets, supported by every political party and every trade union. No unelected bureaucrat or Tory should be allowed to get away with cuts to the most vulnerable in society.’