Carroll Comments Following Mcelduff Resignation


Commenting on the resignation of Barry McElduff, People Before Profit’s Gerry Carroll said:

‘Sinn Fein will undoubtedly be hopeful that the resignation of Barry McElduff will signal the end of disaster after disaster for the party; the Kingsmills video, McElduff’s failure to delete the tweet, retweets by party members and a complete failure by the party leadership to properly deal with the situation.’


‘While the video was undoubtedly offensive, the response of the DUP highlights the hypocrisy in their ranks. For a party that is actively seeking immunity for accused soldiers, RUC officers and intelligence officers during the troubles, they haven’t a leg to stand on when it comes to disrespecting victims. Their false moralism about McElduff’s tweet was shown up when their own party members tweeted an offensive cartoon of blood trailing from a van meant to portray the Kingsmill massacre, just days later.’


‘What this whole fiasco has proved is that when it comes to challenging the lack of respect of the DUP, Sinn Fein fall short. For a party with respect and equality agendas, they find themselves lagging behind the public in terms of actually showing respect and demanding equality – as with the Repeal movement in the South. Unfortunately their agendas seem more closely linked to political expediency than genuine principle.’


‘What we really need is a socialist alternative to the political irresponsibility, cronyism and sectarianism of Stormont. An alternative which can challenge the political establishment here and which stands for solidarity, people power and a real equality agenda.’