Vitamin Tax


Thousands of people take vitamins to supplement their diet. But from March 1st they will be hit with a 23% VAT tax – unless their vitamin has been directly approved by the HSE.

Up to now the vitamin supplements have been classified as a food and have had a 0% VAT rating. But in a sneaky move, the government changed this in the last budgets and the 23% rate is now being introduced.

Henceforth, a series of supplements such as Vitamin C, Omega 3, Probiotics, Lutein and Glucosamine will be hit.

Those who are most affected will be the elderly and those recovering from ill health.

While there can be some controversy over the effectiveness of vitamin supplements, the government’s action has nothing to do with medical concerns.

Its primary purpose is to raise extra revenue from ordinary people. Indirect taxes which hit the poor harder are always its preferred method.