Una Dunphy

Una Dunphy

Una Dunphy is a teacher of Early School Leavers and an active Trade Unionist in Waterford. She has been a leader and activist on many campaigns at a local and national level.

On Health she has been central to the Still Waiting Health Campaign which is a national campaign bringing together community campaigns, trade unions and left political groups. The issues of 24/7 Cardiac Care, CAMHs, Mental Health Services along with the 55k patients on waiting lists in the South East have been central to her campaigning.

Local Education problems centre on the lack of choice for parents regarding non-denominational educational options in Waterford city and county, especially the situation in Tramore. Lack of 3rd level issues are not being addressed outside of the TU status being developed in WIT, courses need to be developed here to offer an equity of admission to the population of the SE.
Una has been central to the Take Back the City Waterford movement which highlights through occupation and protest the dire situation regarding housing and homelessness in the city and county. This covers many areas such as court evictions, traveler accommodation, empty properties and the need for the Council to engage in a massive building program of public housing.

Constituency: Tramore-Waterford City West

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