Stephanie Hanlon

Stephanie Hanlon

I am delighted to announce that I have been selected as the Local Election candidate for Kilkenny. As the Local Area Representative for People Before Profit in Kilkenny, it is my role to represent People Before Profit to you, and just as importantly, to represent you to People Before Profit and advocate on your behalf. I grew up and live in Kilkenny, work in Carlow and have spent years campaigning on local issues in Kilkenny and Carlow. As a proud Kilkenny woman, the people of Kilkenny and Carlow have shaped who I am today. I have been involved in activism in Kilkenny from the age of fifteen – working with youth groups fuelled my desire to understand societal inequality which led me to studying two degrees in Carlow and Dublin.

This passion for more just and equal policy is what drew me to People Before Profit. It was the Carlow Together for Yes branch that I helped lead when we repealed the Eight Amendment. I am a strong advocate of bodily autonomy and continue to fight for the rights of pregnant people and people with disabilities. I helped set up the Kilkenny Branch of United Against Racism.

The challenges that Kilkenny will face in the coming years are considerable, and communities both old and new will need to be supported. Kilkenny is a growing city; we need to protect our local social services, manage growth in our local economy sustainably, secure funding and taxation support for farming and the agriculture sector, ensure an environmentally friendly and accessible approach to public and private transport that is inclusive of rural towns.

We have fought austerity measures, for equal marriage and the right to choose. Ireland is changing. It was the will of the many, not the few that made this happen. I believe in making these voices heard. This is my first election and I am eager to represent women and people with disabilities, and hope to provide a platform for people’s voices to be heard.

Constituency: Kilkenny

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