Sharon Briggs

Sharon Briggs

Sharon Briggs is a People Before Profit Candidate running to bring renewed energy to Wicklow County Council from a Socialist perspective.

Sharon is a hard working Bray native who loves her community and cares deeply about her county and it's people. Sharon is running for several reasons, to help those who have been marginalized and overlooked, whose voices are never heard, to help advance prosperity for all in County Wicklow and to ensure that elected representatives put people before their own advancement..

Sharon was born and raised in Bray and still resides there with her daughter and two sons. Sharon is currently in her final year at University College Dublin, studying for her joint major in Politics and Social Policy.

Sharon became politically aware growing up in a country suffering through 'The Troubles'. She had family on both sides of the border, a father who railed against the injustices meted out to the miners in England and a mother who feared for the safety of her family in Belfast during those troubles. These experiences led Sharon into a life of activism and a curiosity for the teachings of political activists worldwide. She was instrumental in the campaign to have Head Shops shut down in Bray and campaigned against the downgrading of our local A and E. Sharon was a founding member of the Right2Water Campaigne and was involved heavily in the Anti Water Charges movement in Bray and surrounding areas. She campaigned against the imposition of the Local Property Charges and remains true to the People Before Profit commitment to have that Tax abolished. Sharon also actively campaigned on Repeal the 8th Amendment and in the Marriage Equality Referendum, Currently Sharon is immersed in the National Housing and Homeless Coalition.

With these experiences and more under her belt, Sharon is an ideal candidate. If we want to progress and move forward with consideration for all, Sharon's fearless, straight forward manner is without doubt what is needed around the local council Table.

Constituency: Bray East

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