Peter Dooley

Peter Dooley

Peter Dooley is the People Before Profit Representative for the Kimmage/Rathmines Constituency. Peter was born and raised in Kimmage where he has been a member of local clubs in the community. His experiences through uncertain contract work, housing and the wider inequalities in society led to him becoming an active campaigner on local and national issues.

Peter says “Ireland is being run for the benefit of the rich and powerful where basic public services are being run down and privatised. This has led to the massive crises for low and middle income earners where pay and conditions are being eroded and access to housing, health, education is now dependent on the size of your wallet and not on your basic need. I am commited to playing my part in building a political movement to radically transform society that will put people's needs first”

Peter actively campaigns that a safe, secure and truly affordable home is right for everyone not just the privileged few. He is a member of the National Homeless and Housing Coalition where he helps build and organise both local and national demonstrations.

In 2016, Peter was central to the Rent Controls campaign in Rathmines. In 2017, he co-founded Dublin Renters' Union to provide support and advice to renters under constant threat of eviction and to fight for real security of tenure and rents linked to income.

He is part of the inspiring Take Back the City campaign that has been instrumental in pushing housing to the top of the political agenda.
Peter has also helped build campaigns on abolishing water charges, for womens right to choose, workers pay and conditions, health, environment, local traffic and Bus Connects.

He believes by people coming together in the community to challenge the system the establishment parties serve we can achieve a fair and equal society for everybody.

Constituency: Kimmage-Rathmines

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