Laura O Reilly

Laura O Reilly

Over the years, Laura has campaigned against water charges, racism, sexism and most recently played a prominent role in the Dublin South West Together For Yes campaign to Repeal the 8th Amendment.

From a young age she has been involved in local activism as her Father was a leading campaigner in getting a hospital for Tallaght.

After a number of years living in London, she moved back to Springfield in 2015 and joined People Before Profit. She saw first hand how Fine Gael and Labour's austerity measures had ruined the lives of working class people in her community.

Five years on and not much has changed. The system still favours the wealthy and the ordinary working class people of Tallaght are still squeezed with rising rents, precarious work and an ever increasing cost of living.

Ordinary people can fight back through People Power and this was seen in both the water charges campaign and the Repeal movement. When grassroots movements take hold and people get on the streets it scares the establishment.

Constituency: Tallaght Central

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