Emmett Smith

Emmett Smith

Emmett is 30 years old and is a community activist and People Before Profit representative for Cavan. From Ballyhaise, Emmett studied Political Science and Sociology at NUI Galway. Becoming politically active in college, he was active in campaigns for drug policy reform and the legalisation of medicinal cannabis. As a student activist Emmett also fought against cuts to mental health services and against the downgrading of addiction treatment facilities in the city.

Emmett returned to Cavan in 2015 and was a leading organiser and spokesperson for the Cavan campaign against water charges. He then ran for election in 2016 to promote the Right2Change movement. More recently he was one of the founding members of Cavan Pro-Choice and actively campaigned for the Repeal of the 8th Amendment as part of Together for Yes.

Emmett is also currently the most vocal advocate in Cavan in the campaign for public housing as the only real solution to the housing crisis. He is an active organiser with the Cavan Housing Action campaign and has continuously raised housing as a political issue with the local media and county council.

As a community representative Emmett was elected to the secretariat and board of directors of the Cavan Public Participation Network and the board of Breifne Integrated Ltd. He was also the Cavan community representative for the North East Regional Drug and Alcohol Taskforce where he advocated progressive drug policy reform and argued for increased funding for frontline services.

“I joined People Before Profit because I believe that conventional politics has failed this country. People power movements on the other hand have had huge success here in recent years. From the fight against water privatisation and the movement to repeal the 8th is clear that real politics takes place when ordinary working class people come together to demand change and fight the establishment. I am proud to represent People Before Profit as the party that pledges support to progressive movements for genuine equality, both North and South of the border.”

Constituency: Cavan-Belturbet

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