Barbara Smyth

Barbara Smyth

Barbara is your community activist, highlighting issues that affect you and your family. Having successfully completed a Community Development course in Maynooth University, Barbara has been at the forefront of many local campaigns, including the people power that got rid of water charges. She has campaigned locally for a better health service, protested against the governments failed housing policy and organised local demonstrations as well as attended many national rallies to stand up for and stand with ordinary people here in Longford.

Barbara is driven by her desire to make our society fairer, better and more equal. Barbara is the founder and Chairperson of Longford Gymnastics Club. She is a proud member of Longford Voices United Choir, she is secretary of The Longford Unite Project and is a volunteer tutor with the Longford branch of Fáilte Isteach, which helps people with their conversational English. With 26% of Longfordís population from outside Ireland, Barbara sees Fáilte Isteach as a vital stepping stone for families from outside Ireland who now reside in the community.

Barbara is 51 years of age. She lives in Longford with her husband David. They have three daughters, Amy 22, Olivia 17 and Heather 13. Barbara is passionate that a society must be based on a community for all and not an economic dictatorship, delivered by Ireland's elites. Barbara continues to fight against all that Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil led governments have inflicted upon people with their failed policies on housing, health and the scourge of precarious employment practices which include zero hour contracts and less than minimum wage salaries.

Constituency: Longford

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